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America’s National Security Architecture

In August 2016, the Aspen Strategy Group examined how to reform America’s national security decision-making process. The papers in this volume provide practical solutions to repair the key functions of Washington’s executive departments, agencies, and advisory bodies responsible for shaping U.S. foreign policy and national security.

Contributors include Nicholas Burns, Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Douglas Stuart, Graham Allison, Niall Ferguson, John Sawers, Leah Joy Zell, Zoë Baird, Christopher Kirchhoff, Julianne Smith, Stephen Hadley, Tom Pritzker, James B. Steinberg, Jane Holl Lute, James Cartwright, Dov S. Zakheim, Robert D. Blackwill, Jennifer M. Harris, John Dowdy, Kirk Rieckhoff, and Peter Feaver.

Published: January 10, 2017