securing cyberspace

This book is a collection of papers commissioned for the 2011 Aspen Strategy Group summer workshop, a bipartisan meeting of top national security experts. The papers examine the complexities of the emerging cyber threat, as well as the possibilities – and inherent challenges – of crafting effective domestic and international cyber policy. Authors explore topics such as the economic impact of cybercrime, cyber as a new dimension of warfare, the revolutionary potential of Internet freedom, and the future realities the United States will face in the new age of heightened Internet connectivity.

Contributors include: Michael Chertoff, Chris C. Demchak, John Dowdy, Richard Falkenrath, Richard Fontaine, Melissa Hathaway, Jason Healey, James A. Lewis, John Michael McConnell, Joseph S. Nye, Eric Rosenbach, and Robert Belk

Published: March 12, 2012