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the instruments and institutions of american purpose

This book is a collection of papers prepared for the 2008 summer Aspen Strategy Group conference on The Instruments & Institutions of American Purpose. These chapters represent a thorough accounting of the capabilities and limitations of the key organizations—diplomatic, military, financial, and intelligence—that American policymakers rely upon to address global challenges.

Contributors include: Robert Gallucci, Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Philip D. Zelikow, Jane Holl Lute, Ashton Carter, Richard Falkenrath, Graham Allison, Lael Brainard, David Lipton, Diana Farrell, Sylvia Matthews Burwell, Ivo Daalder, Samuel Berger, Thomas Donilon, John Podesta, Antony Blinken, Andrew Krepinevich

Published: April 15, 2009